The Graduate Program in Philosophy at UFSCar (external link) (PPGFil) is historically built around an interdisciplinary reflection, including the multiple dimensions in the History of Philosophy, on the structure and genesis of the objectivity concept (its main concentration area). At the beginning of its history, which can be dated between 1988 and 2002, PPGFil focused in circumscribing and developing its field of activity, lines of research, and principles for educating researchers and professors. The second significant stage of its history began in 2002, when a PhD Program in Philosophy was opened, giving sequence to a Master Program. The Program’s consolidation as a whole made it possible, in 2008, a 5 (five) rank evaluation by CAPES (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel),which, thus, integrated it to a group of national excellence programs. Nowadays, the broad range of reflection on the structure and genesis of the subjectivity concept is covered in the Program by four distinct and complementary lines of research. The internship with other researchers and its openness to other philosophical centers, both national and international, is an essential part of the Program’s life, either in the form of academic events or national and international partnerships. Another important facet of the Program’s integration in the debate and circulation of ideas is its academic journals. There are two of them: Ipseitas Review, published since 2015, and Doispontos Review, a joint publication of the Graduate Program in Philosophy at UFSCar and the Graduate Program in Philosophy at Federal University of Paraná, published since 2004.